SoftCrafted Systems LTD

Scientific Applications and Tools

We are experienced in building compiled desktop applications from scripted code. The process may include:

  • Creating an interactive GUI front end for desktop users
  • Creating a command line executable to serve as a back end compute resource
  • Creating C/C++, Python, Java, or DCOM libraries for use in other languages
  • Generating high quality embedded code for use in projects not based on Matlab
  • Bringing compiled code or libraries from other languages into the Matlab world

Compiled applications can interact with the wider computing world in many ways:

  • Take in live streaming data or video aquired from hardware
  • Get or send data to web services through REST interfaces
  • Interact with Windows applications through DCOM
  • Communicate with hardware over a CAN Bus network
  • Communicate with process control systems through OPC
  • Interact with hardware through device driver code
  • Integration with or hosting on Amazon Web Services

Example annotation tool for labeling images with expected results for an algorithm:

Example interactive data browser accessing data using DCOM:

Example interactive Visualization System for Microarray Data