SoftCrafted Systems LTD

Strong software engineering capabilities tuned to your goals, constraints, and priorities. Our team has worked with many high-growth startups as well as high-profile organizations.

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Web Applications and Web Services

Strong front-end and back-end Java-centric capabilities with deep experience in JBoss, J2EE, GWT, HTML5 and the wider open source ecosystem around IETF / W3C / JCP open standards.

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Mobile Apps

Pure mobile webapps with no platform dependencies or native code, as well as native iPhone and Android apps. Expertise in Java, Objective-C, Swift, XCode, and REST APIs.

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Datamining and Visualization

Processing, analysis, and mining of big data, probabilistic linkage of records, efficient natural language processing techniques.
Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) distributed data for visualization in Tableau on Amazon Web Services.

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Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition

Machine Learning, Feature Extraction/Matching, Recommender Systems, Data Classification/Regression, Information Segmentation, Parameter Learning, Structure Classification.

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Signal Processing, Feedback Control Systems, and IoT

Analog, digital, multivariable control in face of uncertainty and external disturbance, simulation, system identification, and digital signal processing.

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