SoftCrafted Systems LTD

Web Apps and Web Services

Strong front-end and back-end Java-centric capabilities with deep experience in JBoss, J2EE, GWT, HTML5 and the wider open source ecosystem around IETF / W3C / JCP open standards on Amazon AWS and other platforms.

Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision

Machine learning, feature extraction/matching, data classification/regression, information segmentation, structure classification, parameter learning, recommender systems, and digital filtering of data.

Mobile Apps

Pure mobile webapps with no platform dependencies or native code, as well as native iPhone and Android apps. Expertise in Java, Objective-C, Swift, XCode, and REST APIs.

Datamining and Visualization

Processing, analysis, and mining of big data, probabilistic linkage of records, efficient natural language processing techniques. Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) distributed data for visualization in Tableau on Amazon Web Services.

Feedback Control Systems

Analog, digital, multivariable robust control in face of uncertainty and external disturbance, system identification, optimization, simulation, testing, and traceablity from design to embedded code.

Electronics, Sensors, Embedded Coding, FPGA, PLC, OPC, IoT

Model based development testing and delivery of algorithms to IoT, Embedded, FPGA, or PLC systems. Supporting capabilities include electroncs, data aquisition, instrument control, embedded C coding, HDL coding, and hardware support for a wide array of platforms. Read More

Who We Are

We specialize in engineering and scientific problem solving. We are available for projects large and small, from strategy to early prototyping, to team augmentation, or full life cycle development. We are passionate at delivering mature high quality solutions built on a strong foundation that will stand the test of time. Tuned to your goals, constraints, and priorities.

Strategic Location

Having a presence in Silicon Valley we are in touch with the latest technology and have access to leaders in the field and resources not available elsewhere.

Premium Support

We are pround to bring premium tools technical support to the project to insure expert guidance and to accelerate problem solving.

Let's Talk

We look forward to working with you closely, including in person as needed, to address your needs both large and small. Let's talk more about what we can do for you.

Data Driven Development

Algorithms are developed against a large annotated dataset. Performance measured relative to the annotation is used to drive the project to a goal through iterative cycles of development. Think of this as an optimization process for algorithm code.
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Model Based Design

A visual component and connection based diagram captures design and behavior of electrical, mechanical, thermal, signal processing, and control systems. Models are relatively easy to understand, and support simulation and automatic generation of code for a product. Model based design can save 50% of project cost and greatly reduce defects.
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Compiled Applications and Tools

We compile interactinve and standalone applications from scripted or model based code, including connectivity with web services, hardware, networks, device drivers and more, including into C/C++, Python, Java, and .Net libraries and into embeeded code.
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